There are alternatives

The BC Liberals insist that building freeways and expanding highways is the only solution to relieving congestion and pollution while increasing economic development. This isnít true.


$1-billion would be better spent on options including:

  • Improving our local public transit system through increased capacity, reduced fares and new routes;
  • Promoting and expanding car-sharing through High-Occupancy Vehicle programs on existing roadways;
  • Finding new rail options for commuters and the commercial shipment of goods;
  • Supporting local employment and vibrant neighbourhoods - as called for in the GVRD's Livable Region Strategic Plan.

There are many alternatives to highway expansion available. But the provincial government doesnít want to consider any other options.


Itís time to demand healthier options.

If you are interested in finding out more about alternatives, then check out the following links...

  • Transport for a Sustainable Region (by Eric Doherty for the Livable Region Coalition, released Feb 1 2006).
  • Victoria Transport Policy Institute - specifically, take a look at the TDM (Transportation Demand Management) Encyclopedia.
  • David Suzuki Foundation Sprawl Toolkit - specifically, this document deals with Climate Change Solutions, whith an entire section devoted to transportation.
  • The Livable Region Coalition - has expanded on several alternatives including improved transit, HOV lanes, new rail options, congestion pricing, and transportation demand mangement. 
  • The City of Paris - is reducing traffic by creating "green neighbourhoods" - including lower speed limits, wider sidewalks and a greater diversity of transportation options. It's part of an effort to make public space more enjoyable and acccessible. 
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