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Like-minded groups

Groups working to oppose the #1 Highway expansion and find sustainable alternatives.

Livable Region Coalition - A coalition of individuals and organizations from across the Lower Mainland searching for alternatives to the #1 Highway expansion

The Coalition to Save Eagleride Bluffs and Horseshoe Bay - The Coalition is fighting a 4 lane overland segment of the Sea-to-Sky Highway that would destroy the ecologically unique Eagleridge Bluffs and Horseshoe Bay.

Cross Pedestrians - If you've heard of the Road Hockey Game that took place on Commercial Drive on February 13, but you don't know much about the folks who organized it...this site is for you! Mark your calendars - the Second Period coming up April 24th.

Priorities for Environmental Leadership in BC - Twelve leading BC environmental groups came together to discuss what key issues are ripe for solutions in BC, particularly heading into a provincial election. The #1 Highway expansion and the livability of our region is one of their key issues. By focusing on a few at a time, they hope to make progress. The Priorities for Environmental Leadership is the result.

2010 Watch - The Official Watchdog of the 2010 Olympics - Of interest based on the timing of the highway and the argument that this highway is an Olympic legacy.

Western Canada Wilderness Committee - The Western Canada Wilderness Committee is publishing a "Vote Wild" magazine leading up to the Provincial Election. It includes a section on healthy communities, with a focus on the #1 Highway expansion.

Slow Down Dundas - The Dundas Street Group is a community-based coalition of residents, parents, and concerned citizens working with schools, police, businesses, city planners, and activist organizations to ensure the safety of children and others crossing Dundas Street, between Naniamo and Renfrew, in Vancouver, Canada. City Council voted to downgrade Dundas St. on April 26th as a result of their efforts. Congratulations!

Sierra Club - This site has useful info on congestion and the link to spawl development.

Car Free Commercial Drive Festival - These fabulous community organizers volunteered their time to bring us an incredibly successful street festival on Commercial Drive on June 19. Kudos to them!

Walkable Communities - An organization out of Florida with resources for making your community more walkable.

Government Sites

The BC provincial government finally released its report on its plans for Highway1/Port Mann expansion on January 31st - 18 months after the first announcement, and twice delayed.  The following pages outline the information released to the public thus far.

The Gateway Program - The Gateway Program is the provincial agency created to oversee projects, including the #1 Highway expansion.

The Federal Government on Climate Change - Take a look at this site, then write to your local MP, to the Minister of Environment (Stephane Dion:, the Minister of Transportation (Jean Lapierre: and the Minister of Industry (David Emerson: to voice your opposition to Federal contributions to the #1 Highway Expansion.

Who is my local MP? - Good question - this site can help you find that out. All you need is your postal code.

City of Vancouver - Climate Change Action Plan - City Council has adopted a corporate climate change action plan for the City of Vancouver. You can view that document from this site and learn more about the City's Sustainability programs.

Research and other links

Bits of research we've come across and referred to in our presentations...

Sierra Club US - "Highway Health Hazards" - Executive Summary only

Rick Salutin - Hell is Other People's Cars - Sartre said hell is other people. I heard Gil Grissom quote him on it in a CSI rerun this week. But times change. For many people, hell is now other people's cars. There is a gritty basis to this ugly mood shift. Traffic accidents are projected to be the third-leading cause of death and disease by 2020...

Report on Public Health and Urban Sprawl in Ontario: A Review - This report summarizes pertinent information on the relationship between urban sprawl and health.

Provincial Health Officer's Annual Report - 2003 - Every Breath You Take... Air Quality in British Columbia, a Public Health Perspective Focuses on air quality in BC, including a section (pp46-49) called "Automotive Pollution and the Lower Fraser Valley"

Will Highway Expansion Kill the Livable Region? - Positon paper of the Livable Region Coalition.

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