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Recent media about the #1 Highway expansion and responses from individuals and communities in the Lower Mainland.

Carole Taylor Flip-Flop - Carole Taylor, as city councilor in Vancouver, was a strong opponent of highway expansion. Now that she's Finance Minister, she's supportive. Another example of Liberal flip-flopping.

Freeway widening causes alarm in East Vancouver - (CBC) VANCOUVER A group of East Vancouver residents is getting organized to fight the planned expansion of Highway 1 from Langley to McGill Street in their neighbourhood.

CBC Early Edition Interview - An interview by CBC's Rick Cluff about concerns with the planned expansion of the #1 Highway expansion.

Interview with Coop Radio's Redeye - An interview with Vancouver Coop Radio's Redeye program.

Ball hockey game marks protest against highway - Canadian Press coverage of Cross Pedestrians' street hockey protest against the #1 Highway expansion.

Freeway Insanity - A Seven Oaks Magazine article about the planned #1 Highway expansion.

Council Questions Highway Expansion - Terminal City's coverage of Vancouver City Council's motion asking the province for more information on the #1 Highway expansion project.

Residents rallying against highway expansion - The Vancouver Courier's report on Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion leading up to our first public meeting.

Organisation opposes Highway 1 expansion - Simon Fraser University's student newspaper The Peak reports on the planned #1 Highway expansion.

Environmental Groups Begin own Election Campaigning - 12 Organizations knocking on doors, handing out material to get their issues on the agenda.

Courier Feature: Commuters Gone Green - 17 April 2005 - The Vancouver Courier's feature highlights three commuters who are choosing alternatives to their cars to get to work.

Vancouver Courier Article - News Item - 17 April 2005 - Highway Expansion Money Better Spent on Bikes

Car-free festival a stop sign of times to come - An article by Kevin Potvin in the Courier reporting on the Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival, held June 19 2005 on Commercial Drive.

Radio Interviews (no link available) - - (No link available) CKNW and News 1130: 30 April 2005 both covered our Let Them Have Shrubs event. - (No link available) Rafe Mair Show: 18 April 2005. Rafe Mair interviews Derek Corrigan (Mayor of Burnaby) and Dave Fields (spokesperson for Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion) about the #1 Highway Expansion issue. - (No link available) Rafe Mair Show: 19 April 2005. Rafe Mair interviews Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon about the #1 Highway Expansion issue.

Letters to the Editor re: Car-Free Commercial Drive - A letter to the editor in the Sun followed by two responses from CCHE members.

We Can't Get Around Without Our Cars - An article by the Sun's Shelley Fralic that appeared on Thursday, June 23 2005.

Small Cut in Air Pollution Could Save Millions, Study Says - 21 September 2005 - A new study of the hidden costs of air pollution in the smog-prone Fraser Valley concludes a one per cent improvement in air quality could save society $29 million annually in direct and indirect health costs...

Feds Shy About Twinning Port Mann Bridge - The Federal Government has money on the way to BC for transportation infrastructure...but their support for doubling the Port Mann Bridge should not be taken for granted.

LRC Press Release - 4 Nov. 05 - Queue jumper lanes and express bus service needed now in Highway 1 corridor. Press release by the Livable Region Coalition.

Gateway plans unveiled today - Vancouver Sun article on the release of the Province's plans for Gateway. 31 Jan 06.

$3-Billion Plan - Vancouver Sun article outlining aspects of the Gateway Program proposal. 31 Jan 06.

Driving away your dollars - Vancouver Sun article about possible tolling scenarios. Note, the government's consultants don't recommend a toll of more than $2, because it might discourage people from using the bridge, which would in turn jeopardize cost recovery. So much for tolling as demand-management!

Falcon holds to $3-billion cost of Gateway project - Article outlines Kevin Falcon's promise to keep to $3-billion cost for the Gateway project...and a review of both the Translink and GVRD boards. 27 Jan 06.

Inside look into campaign donors. - A 24Hours article outlining Kevin Falcon's campaign donors. Property developers, managers builders, and the transportation industry...1 Feb 06.

Government puts road scheme in gear - A 24Hours article giving a brief synopsis of the Gateway Program.

Gateway the 'key to BC prosperity' - Vancouver Sun article outlining Falcon's and Campbell's arguments for the Gateway project. Includes a list of public open houses (also available on CCHE's events page). 1 Feb 06.

Really Gateway really work -- and at what cost? - A Vancouver Sun piece highlighting the tolling issue and its link to the project's objectives. 1 Feb 06.

Campbell promotes an octopus to grapple with 'everywhere' travel. - A Vancouver Sun article with a critical eye to Gateway. 1 Feb 06.

Many questions about Gateway left unanswered: critics - Maple Ridge News article. 1 Feb 06.

Twinning Port Mann won't solve congestion - A Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows piece that highlights opposition to the Gateway program.

BC to invest $3billion in bridges, highways - Globe and Mail article. 1 Feb 06.

Province plans Port Mann twinning, toll - Now News (Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody) 1 Feb 06.

CBC Coverage - 2 Feb 06 - This link takes you to the CBC site where you can read the article, and listen in on Rick Cluff's interview with Dave Fields, CCHE organizer.

Georgia Straight coverage 2 Feb 06 - Pick up your copy of the Straight this week!

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