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Recent media about the #1 Highway expansion and responses from individuals and communities in the Lower Mainland.

Carole Taylor Flip-Flop - Carole Taylor, as city councilor in Vancouver, was a strong opponent of highway expansion. Now that she's Finance Minister, she's supportive. Another example of Liberal flip-flopping.

Freeway widening causes alarm in East Vancouver - (CBC) VANCOUVER A group of East Vancouver residents is getting organized to fight the planned expansion of Highway 1 from Langley to McGill Street in their neighbourhood.

CBC Early Edition Interview - An interview by CBC's Rick Cluff about concerns with the planned expansion of the #1 Highway expansion.

Interview with Coop Radio's Redeye - An interview with Vancouver Coop Radio's Redeye program.

Ball hockey game marks protest against highway - Canadian Press coverage of Cross Pedestrians' street hockey protest against the #1 Highway expansion.

Freeway Insanity - A Seven Oaks Magazine article about the planned #1 Highway expansion.

Council Questions Highway Expansion - Terminal City's coverage of Vancouver City Council's motion asking the province for more information on the #1 Highway expansion project.

Residents rallying against highway expansion - The Vancouver Courier's report on Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion leading up to our first public meeting.

Organisation opposes Highway 1 expansion - Simon Fraser University's student newspaper The Peak reports on the planned #1 Highway expansion.

Environmental Groups Begin own Election Campaigning - 12 Organizations knocking on doors, handing out material to get their issues on the agenda.

Courier Feature: Commuters Gone Green - 17 April 2005 - The Vancouver Courier's feature highlights three commuters who are choosing alternatives to their cars to get to work.

Vancouver Courier Article - News Item - 17 April 2005 - Highway Expansion Money Better Spent on Bikes

Car-free festival a stop sign of times to come - An article by Kevin Potvin in the Courier reporting on the Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival, held June 19 2005 on Commercial Drive.

Radio Interviews (no link available) - - (No link available) CKNW and News 1130: 30 April 2005 both covered our Let Them Have Shrubs event. - (No link available) Rafe Mair Show: 18 April 2005. Rafe Mair interviews Derek Corrigan (Mayor of Burnaby) and Dave Fields (spokesperson for Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion) about the #1 Highway Expansion issue. - (No link available) Rafe Mair Show: 19 April 2005. Rafe Mair interviews Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon about the #1 Highway Expansion issue.

Letters to the Editor re: Car-Free Commercial Drive - A letter to the editor in the Sun followed by two responses from CCHE members.

We Can't Get Around Without Our Cars - An article by the Sun's Shelley Fralic that appeared on Thursday, June 23 2005.

Small Cut in Air Pollution Could Save Millions, Study Says - 21 September 2005 - A new study of the hidden costs of air pollution in the smog-prone Fraser Valley concludes a one per cent improvement in air quality could save society $29 million annually in direct and indirect health costs...

Feds Shy About Twinning Port Mann Bridge - The Federal Government has money on the way to BC for transportation infrastructure...but their support for doubling the Port Mann Bridge should not be taken for granted.

LRC Press Release - 4 Nov. 05 - Queue jumper lanes and express bus service needed now in Highway 1 corridor. Press release by the Livable Region Coalition.

Gateway plans unveiled today - Vancouver Sun article on the release of the Province's plans for Gateway. 31 Jan 06.

$3-Billion Plan - Vancouver Sun article outlining aspects of the Gateway Program proposal. 31 Jan 06.

Driving away your dollars - Vancouver Sun article about possible tolling scenarios. Note, the government's consultants don't recommend a toll of more than $2, because it might discourage people from using the bridge, which would in turn jeopardize cost recovery. So much for tolling as demand-management!

Falcon holds to $3-billion cost of Gateway project - Article outlines Kevin Falcon's promise to keep to $3-billion cost for the Gateway project...and a review of both the Translink and GVRD boards. 27 Jan 06.

Inside look into campaign donors. - A 24Hours article outlining Kevin Falcon's campaign donors. Property developers, managers builders, and the transportation industry...1 Feb 06.

Government puts road scheme in gear - A 24Hours article giving a brief synopsis of the Gateway Program.

Gateway the 'key to BC prosperity' - Vancouver Sun article outlining Falcon's and Campbell's arguments for the Gateway project. Includes a list of public open houses (also available on CCHE's events page). 1 Feb 06.

Really Gateway really work -- and at what cost? - A Vancouver Sun piece highlighting the tolling issue and its link to the project's objectives. 1 Feb 06.

Campbell promotes an octopus to grapple with 'everywhere' travel. - A Vancouver Sun article with a critical eye to Gateway. 1 Feb 06.

Many questions about Gateway left unanswered: critics - Maple Ridge News article. 1 Feb 06.

Twinning Port Mann won't solve congestion - A Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows piece that highlights opposition to the Gateway program.

BC to invest $3billion in bridges, highways - Globe and Mail article. 1 Feb 06.

Province plans Port Mann twinning, toll - Now News (Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody) 1 Feb 06.

CBC Coverage - 2 Feb 06 - This link takes you to the CBC site where you can read the article, and listen in on Rick Cluff's interview with Dave Fields, CCHE organizer.

Georgia Straight coverage 2 Feb 06 - Pick up your copy of the Straight this week!

May 2 - Media Release

On Monday, May 2 Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion released the following article to media outlest.  Did you know that Gordon Campbell was opposed to freeway development leading into Vancouver while he was Mayor of Vancouver and on the GVRD?! 

According to Jane Jacobs - world renowned urban theorist - this is the scariest part of the #1 highway expansion...Gordon Campbell actually knows better.

Follow this link to read the press release and articles written by Gordon Campbell in the early 1990's.

South of the Fraser opposes Highway Expansion

Fraser Valley Conservation Coalition - Press Release - A recently-formed coalition of conservation groups South of the Fraser recently joined the Livable Region Coalition. This is their press release dated April 27 2005.

Fraser Valley Conservation Council opposes Highway Expansion - A News Update, found on p.B2 of the Vancouver Sun, Thursday April 28 2005.

April 11 - Media Release

On 11 April Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion did a Media Release outlining our findings from doing traffic counts at the Port Mann Bridge.  We outlined our findings and made some policy suggestions.  Follow the links below for some of the coverage, and read these following points to get a sense of the coverage we got.  We are leading an actual debate on this issue - Hooray!

  • Dave Fields (Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion) and Peter Boothroyd (Professor at UBC, member of Livable Region Coalition) were the guests of the Bill Good show on CKNW on Tuesday, 12 April.
  • CKNW had us on their news cycle.
  • Dave Fields had a 5 minute interview with 'The World Today' which included a sound byte from Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon.
  • At the news conference at the Port Mann Bridge Dave handled interviews with The Province, City TV, CTV, Ming Pao, Sing Tao and the World Journal.
  • Metro News printed an article entitled "Use land better" to beat traffic woes.  Written by Jeff Hodson and printed on Tuesday April 12 in the Local section.
  • See also the Courier feature for April 17 (link below).

Vancouver Sun article - Car pool, transit better than twinning Port Mann, group claims. Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion worried increased traffic will negatively affect their neighbourhood Krisendra Bisetty Vancouver Sun

CKNW - 12 April 2005 - This spot ran on CKNW on April 12th.

The Province - 12 April 2005 - This article appeared in the Province in the News Section on p.A4 on April 12th.

Special Features!

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